Ensuring Quality is built in to the project.

Quality Management

Since quality is built into the project and not inspected in, our quality management services include the spectrum of activities from start till finish; towards ensuring product quality and performance.

Shop Surveillance
Production / Manufacturing Surveillance
Our personnel conduct random surveillance at manufacturer’s shop to ensure that the procedures and apparatus used comply with code and are operated as mandated by the code.

ITP / QAP Draft 
Stage-wise Inspections as per ITP hold points
Intermediate or status inspections for NC (Non-conformance)
Coordinating Client Inspection
Based on client recommendation and lessons learned, we formulate an ITP (Inspection Test Plan) or QAP (Quality Assurance Plan). We coordinate with supplier team to witness intermediate inspections and tests as necessitated. We also coordinate and expedite client inspections.

Final Inspection and Pre-shipment Inspection
Our final inspection ensures scope verification and completeness of deliverables, while pre-shipment inspection ensure proper packaging to withstand transport conditions.

Documentation Audit
All manufacturers documentation are reviewed and audited for adequacy, sufficiency and correctness. We also consult the supplier on structure and content to comply with best practices.

Non-Conformance Mitigation
Our experts assist suppliers to develop suitable mitigation measures or provide expert opinion and assistance for rectification of NC (Non-Conformance) in compliance with the design specifications, quality requirements and production standards.

Inspection Type: Pressure Vessels and Pressure Equipment inspections in accordance to DGRL (pressure guideline), CEPD (CE- Pressure Directive), AD2000, API 510 (American Petroleum Institute) and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).
Welding Inspections with qualified NDT experts; (VT, PT, MT, UT)
Paint / Surface Coating check as per relevant or specified SSPC norms

*Note: Inspections are conducted by supplier appointed third parties and are only witnessed by our personnel to ensure correctness of procedure, sufficiency to apparatus and accuracy of results.
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