Project Management Services for Project Procurement

Project Office

Our project office helps procurement and sub-contracts division of EPC and OEM companies reduce risk and man hours involved in sourcing fabricated and machined equipment through project management services. Our ground presence and network ensure quality solutions through qualified suppliers and inspectors.

1. Supplier Management

To help reduce risk on outsourcing and relieve procurement teams from extensive efforts and resources, required to develop and maintain supplier database, we provide audit and consultation services for new supplier onboarding, existing supplier re-validation and supplier capacity building.

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2. Project Coordination

To ensure project success, an oversight is maintained on manufacturing activities, scope changes, schedule updates and risk events; we track and monitor the activities through kick-off meetings, weekly review meetings and random site surveillance.

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3. Quality Management

Our inspectors and teams deployed on site ensure compliance with specifications and quality requirements through shop surveillance, documentation audit, stage inspections and pre-shipment inspections. Our experts also  provide technical assistance to suppliers whenever necessary.

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