About our team.

Mr. Avik Munshi – Managing Partner
As a Sr. Partner Mr. Munshi consults the Project Office on preparation of management systems and protocols with adherence to industry standards and drafting of contracts; while at the Consulting Office he works as a lead consultant in supplier consulting, transformation and strategy projects.
His previous engagement in a turnaround-transformation project with industry experts earned him crucial knowledge and experience. Whereas, being a published researcher with educational background in engineering management, accompanied with acute observation and analytical skills, has developed him the skill set required to consult engineering projects and companies.
Mr. Simon Imray – Senior Partner
As a Sr. Partner Mr. Imray performs a lead role in expediting projects and audits at the PMO (Project Management Office) through site teams and qualified inspectors. He actively engaged in developing and improving PMO protocols and audit systems to better manage projects and people.
Mr. Imray has proven track record of 20+ years as a Project Manager/Expeditor and Quality Inspector. With portfolio across oil and gas, cement and nuclear as well as thermal power; he has a diversified experience. Having started his career with NDT (Non Destructive Testing) and Weld Inspection, he has in-depth knowledge of codes and quality specifications.
Mr. Vandan Shah – Associate
As an Associate at Apex Zenith and member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Mr. Shah is engaged in a lead role at our Accounting Office. With professional qualification in Accountancy, he specializes in Internal Audit, Advisory, Compliance and Tax Consultation.
Apart from Accountancy, Mr. Shah also consults clients on ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution) and statutory compliances required for day-to-day business operations.
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