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Business Improvement and Transformation

To help companies grow or turnaround their business, we consult them on the different aspects involving:

Outreach Consulting
Our outreach consulting helps companies develop appropriate purpose specific communication material for effective communication. We also help in development and streamlining of marketing and sales operations for efficiency and effectiveness.

Strategy Consulting
During turnaround or transformation, businesses require strategic shifts to accommodate goals. We assist the management to address the situation through assessment and corrective measures.

Streamlining Business Activities and Development of SOPs
To overcome conflicting situations, parallel work channels and productivity bottlenecks, we help our clients optimise workflow through design and streamlining of activities. We also help our clients develop departmental SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for to avoid future discrepancies.

Organizational Consulting and KPI Development
Based on operational model and long term goals, we assist companies set-up teams and units. It involves development of organisational structure, protocols, reporting hierarchy and RACI Charts. We ensure that the architecture can assimilate strategy shifts and also accommodate growth. Also, we help managers develop individual and team KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Financial Modelling – Margin Analysis and Target Setting
Based on the business model and operational arrangement we help our clients prepare pro-forma financial statements. This helps them visualise the effects on profit and loss due changes in operations, analyse their margins, derive breakeven point and set targets.

Financial Risk Assurance and Investor Proposals
Audit along with financial modelling services, help our clients in risk assurance and investor pitch. We invest time and efforts to understand their business to identify the key drivers, risks and opportunities. Our outsider perspective, independent opinion and partner review help our clients gain key insights.

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