End-to-end Consulting for Business Projects.

Business Consulting

To help companies monetise on the cost saving opportunities in India, we offer a complete range of services required to set-up business in India; involving the following:

Due Diligence and Legal Framework
We consult and coordinate the process to ensure compliance, suitability and avoid lapses due to nuances in language and business practices across cultures. We expedite the process through appointed company secretaries for due diligence.

Financial Modelling and Analysis
Based on the business model and survey we develop a financial model to derive pro-forma income statement and balance sheet for following years to understand the feasibility and challenges in operations and set-up. This also helps establish risk thresholds, develop capital budgeting and assign KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) as well as targets across departments.

Strategy Consulting
Based on the type of product, business and volume, the business set-up may range from a small front office to full scale manufacturing unit. To help our clients choose the best suitable option we consult them on operational model and capital investment through analysis of various factors such as finances, supplier infrastructure, operational hurdles, taxation, local market, logistics cost and so on.

Organisational Structuring
Based on the operational model and long term goals, we assist companies set-up teams and units. It involves development of organisational structure, protocols, reporting hierarchy and RACI Charts. We ensure that the architecture can assimilate strategy shifts and also accommodate growth.

Management and Administration Systems
Basic set-up of systems such as payroll, HR policies, CRM (Customer Relation Management), accounting records and formats, etc.. required for day-to-day business operations.

Supply Chain and Purchasing Development
Based on client product, we help develop a supplier base for raw materials, bought outs, consumables, parts and components. Based on local contract practices and tax regulations, we help set-up procurement office through management systems, documentation and protocols.

Industrial and Office Space Set-up
Based on our survey, analysis and experience we help decide suitable location for office and industrial unit. To execute the project, we collaborate with shop floor experts, architects, structural engineers and contractors with decades of experience in developing spaces. Moreover, we also coordinate with relevant agencies to expedite statutory approvals.

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