Helping Businesses develop new Ventures.

Merger, Acquisition and Partnership
To help companies find and develop suitable partner or supplier, we provide a range of evaluation and improvement services involving technical and managerial audit, shop consulting, organisational structuring and QMS (Quality Management System) development.

Financial Audit
Primary purpose of the audit is to ensure that the valuation and financial capabilities stated by the supplier are accurate. But the audit also serves as tool to gauge the financial health of the organisation for working capital management and capital infusion.

Technical Audit
Primary purpose of the audit is to ensure that the manufacturing capabilities are not overstated. Audit also establishes a baseline and helps understand the suitable product portfolio and inspect numerous items such as calibration of equipment and measuring devices, maintenance and equipment health, shortcomings in production, lapses in management, documentation and HSE norms.

Due Diligence and Legal Framework
We consult and coordinate the process to ensure compliance, suitability and avoid lapses due to nuances in language and business practices across cultures. We expedite the process through appointed company secretaries for due diligence.

Shop Consulting
Based on our audit and requirements of our clients, we provide consultation on bridging the gap to satisfy the requirements in the most cost efficient manner. It also involves consultation on financial viability and outsourcing of processes apart from improvement of in-house facilities.

Organisational Structuring
In case of a partnership, JV or acquisition; new people bring new work culture and practices to the existing framework. Moreover, changes are made to the operational model. Based on these factors and long term agendas, we develop organisational structure, reporting hierarchy and RACI charts, that can assimilate strategy shifts and also accommodate growth.

QMS (Quality Management System) Development
Although, QMS standards such as ASME – ‘U’ ‘R’ ‘N’ or AISC BU are available in the industry, the cost of such elite certifications may not be viable or necessary for the product. So based on the product and organisation, we develop custom QMS at par with the elite standards and at an affordable cost.

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