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Consulting Office

Our Consulting Office is focused on facilitating companies set-up and operate business in India. We also assist in developing supplier capacity for joint venture, acquisition or supply purposes.

1. New Business Consulting

India is a favourable destination for sourcing cost effective engineered goods. Today, the ease of regulations and government subsidies, offer favourable environment for companies to set-up assembly or manufacturing units. To help clients monetise upon the opportunities in India, we offer complete spectrum of services involving due-diligence, financial modelling, organisational structuring, admin – management systems, supply chain development and physical space set-up.

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2. Merger, Acquisition and Partnership

The Indian manufacturing sector is fragmented along the extreme ends of spectrum, as large organisations move to AI (Artificial Intelligence) while SMEs operate in pre-ERP era. To help companies find and develop suitable partner or supplier, we provide transformation and process improvement consulting involving technical and managerial audit, shop consulting, organisational structuring and QMS (Quality Management System) development.

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3. Business Transformation and Improvement

Many times businesses stagnate or saturate owing to various factors. To help businesses navigate across such situations and realise their potential, we offer business transformation and improvement services through organisational consulting, brand – communications consulting, streamlining of business activities, process and policy improvements along with development of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), financial modelling and budgeting.

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